We work with all types of women and welcome a very diverse group into our program. We have collaborated with famous people, fashion bloggers, college girls, high schoolers, and everyone in between! You dont have to be "insta-famous" to sign up! We hand pick 10-15 people each month to join our team!
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- Ambassadors are hand picked each month!

-ANYONE can join!

-Check your email (sometimes found in junk email) for a response within 48 hours!

- Once you are an ambassador, you are an AMBASSADOR FOR LIFE, as long as you continue to post photos, rep our brand, and promote our content.


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You will receive an email response within 48 hours. Make sure to check your junk email (sometimes it can be hidden there)

Calling all BOSS BABES, take advantage of this amazing oppurtunity and JOIN OUR TEAM! Our Brand Ambassador Program was made to collab with all types of women! We believe the best way to spread the word about our shop is through authentic women and create organic growth through word of mouth!

You will recieve amazing BENEFITS as a Love Lex Brand Ambassador!
  • Life Long Discount
  • MAKE MONEY! 10% commission on all purchases with your coupon code.
  • Free store credit based on how much you post, promote, & purchase.
  • Your own personalized discount code to give your followers for 15% off!
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Free clothes
  • Get featured on our page!
  • Connect with some amazing women just like you!

The only responsibilities you have as a Love Lex Brand Ambassador is to be an active representative each month! This means posting about us on social media, spreading the word to your friends, and repping our clothes! Once you are accepted as a Brand Rep you will get your own unique discount code (ex. LEX10, TAYCOUPON, LOVEHANNAH, etc) to share with your followers! This code will give your followers 15% off sitewide. The more your post & promote, the deeper the discounts and offers.

We are accepting applications NOW so sign up and join before the offer expires!