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My mission as a pediatric occupational therapist is to equip you with the tools to provide the best and strongest start for your baby, and empower you with the knowledge that will support a natural and stress free developmental journey with your little mover. You have the power to profoundly influence your baby's potential. And I have the M.I.N.D.F.U.L steps to get you there, all wrapped up in a memorable acronym. Let's nurture your child's natural development together!
The first year of life is the foundation of your child's whole life. And the quality of your child's first sensory motor experiences will impact how he/she learns, moves, and grows for all of the years to come. But the path to milestones is neither a race, nor a process to rush through. It is an opportunity to build a strong foundation, laying one building block on top of the last, organically.
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M.I.N.D.F.U.L Steps To Motor Milestones

Coming March 30th, 2021!
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- How to provide the conditions for your baby's brain to learn and grow

- How to enhance your baby's natural abilities

- How to use what you have to promote your baby's development

- How to observe and interact with your baby

- How to decide which baby products to buy and how to use them

- How to confidently sit back and enjoy the process of watching your baby grow and learn

- Basically how your baby learns and meets milestones, and what you can do to optimize that natural process!


- Self-paced online course

- 7 modules on the essential (M.I.N.D.F.U.L) steps

- Bonus materials and PDF's

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