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Sign up now and you'll be entered into our 12 Days of Deals & Giveaways!  You will receive one email each of the 12 days with the details about the daily deal & the winners!

To quality for the GIVEAWAYs you must open each of the daily emails.  The winner will then be selected randomly from those who opened the email and announced in the email sent out the next day.  

Now, there will also be a BONUS winner! The odds on winning this BONUS GIVEAWAY are much higher... The bonus winner will be selected from just the people who purchase one of the Daily Deals... We have no idea how many that will be... it could mean that the odds are 1 in 10? 1 in 5? 1 in 50?  not really sure... If you are selected as the BONUS winner then you will get a full refund and get your Deal of the Day for FREE!

Finally, we will be giving away the Grand Prize on Day 12!  The prize will be a special, one-of-a-kind Taylor GS-Mini "Save the Bees" Guitar!

All you have to do is SIGN UP BELOW to enter the giveaway! You will win your choice from a range of excellent prizes, which will also be announced with the winners!  Stay tuned and remember that you have to play to win!  GOOD LUCK!